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Special report three: Environmental Education

Today to a service company to do lectures, time for half an hour, subject to "open five, beyond the self" although the time is short, but I and the service enterprise exchanges of young people, as a classical sentence suddenly burst out from the bottom of my heart: environmental education.
I'm on the service institutions in close contact, is this sentence heart had been thinking about the topic. In fact, the service culture is very good, the boss also likes studying very much, more eager to spread their culture. This is a good thing.

The problem is, we don't be too smart, but smart; do not too smooth, but to Yuantong satisfactorily...... As a leader, the leader must have the personality charm, very clear "environmental education" principle, and to actively create a "respect, understanding, trust, caring for people, the achievement person" good working environment and atmosphere, more than for the other to consider some problems. As a team member, have empathy, standing in the boss's point of view to do things.

Environmental education emphasizes most is "the importance of the environment". Chinese often say: the times create heroes. I think the use of "environment makes heroes" would be more appropriate.
Business owners want their subordinates very outstanding, have the loyalty and dedication, this itself is not wrong. But if the boss's mind is not big enough, the vision is not long, so, even if the industry is again good, also can not build a good team to do business, enterprise culture can eventually is hanging on the wall of the slogan, That's it.